Try it yourself,
or have a certified consultant measure your organisation.

When you use our tool yourself, our algorithm returns your BIM Level and provides you insight in your potential improvements. You can compare your level with benchmark data in our database to see where you stand compared to others. You can filter our stats on discipline, country, etc.

When you hire a Certified Consultant you will get much more. The consultant comes to your place to look at how you work in your organisation. The consultant will explain more about the questions, what they mean and why they are so important. After you get the result, you get access to more data to compare your results. The consultant can also help you with additional questions and to draw a BIM development road map for your organisation.

Only when a Certified Consultant has created a report for you, you will be able to publicly share the results. Click here to find a certified consultant near you.


This measurement works best for organisations that already work with BIM, or in other words ‘see data as an important part of their daily work’. Some questions are not applicable to small organisations, so they won’t be taken into account for the score.

With ‘organisation’ we mean any kind of organisation. It can also be a project organisation or a consortium.