What is the BIM Compass™?

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Building information management (BIM) is becoming more and more important to manage complex communication and information sharing processes in collaborative building projects. A growing number of design, engineering and construction firms have made attempts to adopt BIM to enhance their services and products. However, there remain many uncertainties in the implementation strategies and actual performance. Neither the success nor the bottleneck are justified objectively.

The BIM Compass™  is an instrument for common benchmarking performance for firms that are applying BIM. The instrument aims to provide insight into the current BIM performance level of firms using BIM. The purpose is to raise awareness and establish a strategy for innovation with BIM, as well as to justify the qualification of the parties to be commissioned for projects. The benchmarking instrument is based on a quick measurement method. It combines quantitative and qualitative assessments of the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ aspects of BIM.

The BIM Compass™ is developed by BIM Supporters, using the 3 UK BIM Levels. The result is presented in 4 chapters, based on the publication in Architectural Engineering and Design Management.

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