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1. Why do you think the team is going to work with BIM?

2. What do you want to achieve with BIM (in this phase)?

3. What analysis do you want to do with the BIM data (in this phase)?


4. What modelling software do you use?

5. What other kind of software do you use for quality checking?

6a. Which data-formats can you provide?

6b. Which data formats can you import?

7. Which origin template do you use? (more info)

Information Flow

8. Fill in the “BIM information level project template” for information you need from others.

9. How are you going to manage the source of data extracts (like drawings)?


10. Do you check incoming data?

11. Do you check data before sending it out?

12. When do you want to meet with the project team?

13. What is the most important to check in the merged model?

14. Who do you view as the lead partner during this phase?

15. How do you want to communicate/exchange issues and their status?

16. Which collaboration tool do you prefer?

Modelling agreements

17. How do you want to handle duplicates in the aspect models?

18. Which naming convention do you want to use for files?

19. What BIM classification do you prefer (or are you experienced in)?

20. What unit of measurement do you prefer in models?


21. How do you prefer to deal with a competency gap during the project with another party in the team?

22. Who owns the data modelled by you?

23. Who owns the intellectual property?

24. Who archives your data?

25. Is there anything else that the team should discuss?

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