buildingSMART Professional Certification – Foundation openBIM® (USA Chapter)

Program price: $1,200

We are also running an additional special discount for US Departments of Transportation.  Contact Us for more information!

Welcome to the  buildingSMART Professional Certification Foundation – openBIM® Program!

Our course is offered as a self-paced, online learning experience designed to follow the buildingSMART International (bSI) guidelines for a minimum 9-hour course to prepare participants for the bSI Foundation qualification examination. The package includes:

    1. Learning material and Self-administered quizzes — to help the participants learn the concepts, and verify their understanding of each module;
    2. 90-minute online real-time colloquium with our staff to reinforce the course contents, answer questions from the course participants and help participants get more prepared for the final examination;
    3. 30-minute online qualification examination — to be held via buildingSMART International Qualification platform. According to the requirement of bSI,  participants’ identification (e.g.,  passport or driving license) must be validated before the exam, and participants must keep their cameras on (by accessing a Zoom link to be shared by our team) while attending the exam.

Upon successful completion of the training, and passing the examination,  participants can earn the buildingSMART Qualification. The buildingSMART Qualification is a lifelong qualification issued jointly by buildingSMART International, buildingSMART USA, and SBI. Qualified individuals will be listed on the bSI registry of qualified professionals (

The buildingSMART Foundation – openBIM® Curriculum consists of 5 Key Modules:

    1. Understand what BIM is, why it is needed, and recognize its specific terminology.
    2. Recognize the advantages of BIM compared to traditional project delivery.
    3. Understand project information management, with BIM, according to the ISO 19650 series.
    4. Recognise the need for open and interoperable solutions.
    5. Understand the terms and measures of BIM capability within an organisation.

More detailed information about the program is available on the buildingSMART website via this link: